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Monday, 22 July 2013

Spot the frippet: cake.

It was my daughter's wedding recently. Amongst a thousand delightful memories a surprising number involve cake.

There was a wedding cake itself, of course (but not actually this one):

File:Wedding Cake with Hydrangeas.jpg

but there was more or less every other sort of cake as well. This was unavoidable because, under SPECIAL DIETARY REQUIREMENTS on the invitation replies, it turned out that nearly everyone had answered Lots of cake.

I realise that spotting cake is so easy that it's, well, a piece of cake; but then we can't always be stern and earnest about everything.

I suppose that if you want to be stern and earnest then you could seek out a cake of soap, or some sort of a savory cake such as a fish cake.

Or you could look out for a bit of beefcake:

It was a film!

or just someone caked in make-up:

A really big firework crammed with roman candles is also a cake:

as is the form of uranium ore known as yellowcake.

Personally, I'm going to stick at the yummy stuff.

Spot the frippet: cake. This word comes from the Old Norse word kaka.

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  1. Quite my favourite word, these days! Just love it in its edible form; mnaking it, eating it too....and your beefcake deserves a mention....well I never, is all I can say!


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