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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Sunday Rest: Word Not To Use Today: chasmogamy.

The waterlilies,
Awakened by the sun,
Unclose their shining petals
In crowns of glory.

Or, if you're a flat-footed botanist, they exhibit chasmogamy.

Chasmogamy means their flowers open to allow pollination.

Chasmogamy. I ask you.

Science doesn't have to be so ugly, you know.

Word Not To Use Today: chasmogamy. This word was made up in the 1900s. It comes from the Greek khasma, which means chasm, and gamos, which means marriage.



  1. Wasn't it also the name of the contract that Dave signed when he agreed to perform exclusively with Chas?


    That joke sounded a lot better before I wrote it down.

    1. Yack yack rabbit's what this blog is all about.

      PS Chas and Dave are a very very English duo.