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Monday, 15 July 2013

Spot the frippet: ikat.

This has to be the coolest word in the English language.


There's the i bit to begin with, which obviously stands for, well, something electronically sleek that just owning it implies that people need and desire to be permanently connected to you.

And then there's the kat.

Well, obviously, kats (especially misspelled ones) are the coolest things on the planet.

Or, indeed, any other planet, as far as I'm aware.

So, are we trying to spot a super-cool feline wearing earphones?

This cat is so super-cool he's called Wordsworth. He's one of the Catillac Cats.

Good luck if you are, but ikat is actually a way of...sorry about this...dyeing fabric. In fact it's a way of tie-dyeing the yarn before you weave it.

Yes, yes, I know that tie-dye is the polar opposite of sleek.

Still. I love the fabric.

File:Tenun Ikat Lombok 3.JPG
Photo by Midori.

Ikat. Probably available on a cushion, table cloth or tunic near you.

Of course, you might just see one of these:

Discourage your feline companions from living near the computing equipment as much as possible.

In which case you needn't bother with the cushion.

Spot the frippet: ikat. This word comes from a Malay word which means to tie or bind.

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