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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Thing To Do Today: plodge.

Well, here's your excuse to have a good plodge.


Plodge plodge plodge plodge.

So what do you think it means? You might know what it means if you come from the North East of England, but the rest of us will have to use our ears.


It sounds heavy and rather sticky, doesn't it. Like porridge, perhaps, or mud.

If you think it does then you're nearly there, because to plodge means to wade through water, especially the sea.

I'm a quite long way from the sea, here (not that you get more than seventy two miles from the sea in Britain) but I think I might see if I can have a good plodge in a paddling pool (there isn't a maximum age limit for paddling pools, is there?).

Or, if the worst comes to the worst, perhaps even a splash about in the bath might do.

Archimedes in his bath, Johann Petrejus, 1547
Archimedes in his bath. Johann Petrejus 1547.
Thing To Do Today: plodge. This word was invented because it sounds like what it is. It's related to plod, which is another imitative word. Plod was made up in the 1500s.

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