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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Thing To Do Today: coo.

"Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son."

How about that. A new baby.



I'm cooing already.

Yes, I admit the world isn't exactly short of new babies, but how can anyone fail to be thrilled and enchanted by the arrival of a completely new human?

I agree that the new prince is probably a bit squashed, and a bit red, and a bit outraged at the extraordinary thing that's just been forced upon him without so much as a by-your-leave (breathe? I have to breath?? Like, all the time, forever, non-stop???) but I'm sure he's still gorgeous, if possibly in a slightly alien kind of way.

Just gorgeous...


Oh, all right. I suppose there may be people out there who aren't melted to mush by tiny new babies. If there are, then they can always do a bit of billing and cooing with their sweethearts - if such hard-hearted folk have sweethearts.

Or, I suppose, one of these grim people can use of the old British expression of surprise coo! I'm fairly sure that if these kill-joys research how much the Duchess's hospital stay will cost her they'll probably find themselves saying it quite naturally.

Meanwhile the rest of us will be carrying on like love-struck doves.

A baby! A brand new baby, with tiny fingers and scanty hair and a slightly drunken expression...

How could anyone not be utterly and completely charmed?

Thing To Do Today: coo. This word comes from the pigeon, possibly the Turtle Dove Streptopelia turtur. Then we humans borrowed it.


  1. My daughter looked like an alien when she was born - a squashed, bemused, purple alien. But I still loved her instantly.

    Any guesses on the new prince's name? My money's on Gary. No, wait ... Gavin. No, it's Gary. Definitely Gary.

    1. As the baby seems to have been rather late, perhaps Ethelred.

    2. I think there's a law somewhere that states that if we ever have a King Ethelred, we have to immediately revert to feudalism.

      Might be nice, for a change.

  2. sdfhdsghisdp (that was me cooing in the universal language of fangirls, usually but not exclusively applied to much older men than this baby). However, while I approve wholeheartedly of the Duchess's decision to call her son after a member of One Direction, I would never give my baby boy the initials GAL.

    1. Ah. You do seem to have spotted a slight flaw, there. Poor George Alexander Louis.

      Ah well. Ten to one he'll end up being called something completely diifferent, anyway. Like Grape, or Bean.