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Friday, 12 July 2013

Word To Use Today: scruncheon.

If Newfoundland had given the world nothing else, then it must be forever covered in glory and garlanded with laurels and gratitude for having dragged up from who-knows-where the word scruncheon.

Which is obviously too gorgeous a word not to use on every possible occasion.



Isn't it satisfying?

A scruncheon is a small crisp piece of fried pork fat, and I admit this means it isn't going to be easy to ease the word into ordinary conversation, but,'ll make the world a better place if we can, won't it.

The sun was so hot I practically got fried to a scruncheon.

The snow the dogs had weed on was exactly the colour of fine scruncheons.

For luncheons
Put pork
On your fork.

Okay, I'm getting a bit desperate, here.

Scruncheons with fish and brewis.

Still, scruncheon.

It's just lovely, isn't it.

Word To Use Today: scruncheon. This word comes from Newfoundland, but otherwise it is a mystery.


  1. Is this related to 'scratching'?

    I must admit, there are few things I like more than having a pint of bitter on a beautifully sunny day, accompanied by a fat bag of pork scratchings.

    In doing so, I am faintly aware of my arteries hardening and I'm pretty sure that the girl behind the bar gave me a look of "Are you actually going to eat these?" when I handed over my fiver.

    1. Ah well. They may be bad for your arteries, but think of the good you're doing for the doctors and the dentists..., that's no comfort at all, is it.