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Monday, 9 December 2013

Spot the frippet: canine.

The trouble is, if you do spot a canine you may well not want to hang around too long to admire it.

A lion's roar, for instance, will show off several beautifully.

On the other hand a domestic cat's yawn is unlikely to be very threatening - and a gorilla's is designed to keep the peace.


In the UK they found a 'vampire' skeleton



 and the walrus:

Photo of several walruses, with prominently displayed white pairs of tusks

show off their canines pretty much all the time. (Though, if you're a vampire, you won't be able to see yours. Except possibly with a selfie.)

The best canines to spot are a dog's, because canine means anything to do with a dog (or, indeed, a dog itself), and so a dog's canines are, very pleasingly, a canine's canines.

File:Dalmatian liver yawn.jpg
Photo by Miro Cacik.

Or I suppose you could even term them a canine's canine canines: so three hundred and three points if you see him and all his friends.

Do watch out for Cruella, though.

Spot the frippet: canine. This word is from the Latin canis, which means dog.



  1. As the proud owner of three large canines with very big canines, how many points do I get for seeing all their canine canines?

    1. Three large canines with very big canines?
      As many as you like!

  2. Replies
    1. On terms of strict justice, I'd say twelve. But then Jingles is on the other side of the Atlantic, so I expect you'll be all right.

      Mind you, if you DO see a lady walking along carrying a large collection of dictionaries and surrounded by three equally large dogs...well, I'd be a little afraid if I were you.