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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Sticks and Stones: a rant.

I'd just like to say that whichever gimboid knuckle-dragging cretin made up that sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me thing - and this also goes for the empty pin-headed morons who use it to excuse bullies and jeer at vicims - he and they are half-witted plonkers with the brains of backward stick insects.

And they only have those brains because they're so idiotically lacking in intelligene and taste that they do actually eat stick insects (though they're too dumb to catch the clever ones).

But do you know what's most frustrating? The fact that ten to one those imbecilic wood-pated quisquilious blockheads won't care what I call them, anyway.

Blast. anyone got any sticks handy?

Word To Use Today: gimboid. This word was coined in the British TV series Red Dwarf, possibly from gimp. It means someone incompetent, and is as such a hugely useful addition to anyone's vocabulary.

A gimp is a person who is lame, and this word comes from the USA of the 1920s. It may have been coined because it rhymes with limp.




  1. I'm cheering you on here!
    Wonderful rant!

    And I'm impressed how you fit quisquilious in there!!
    A round of applause for you!

    1. Quisquilious is thanks to you, Jingles, and Words and Phrases From the Past (see Blog Roll).
      It's very good at insults.
      Thanks, anyway. I'm very glad you agree.

  2. Yeah, it is a stupid saying. And if you say it to someone that's trying to hurt you with words, aren't you just inviting them to hit you with a stick?

    1. That's true, isn't it. The whole thing's idiotic from beginning to end. But then as the man said (I think it was Voltaire) the older the abuse, the more sacred it is.

  3. So if a stupid referee is limping and a footballer calls him a gimp, the footballer can't be sent off for abusive language, even if the word 'gimp' is preceded by an intensifier?

  4. You could try it, Anon, but I'd wait until you're in a match where you have a strange sense of inevitability about a booking, anyway. One which a thousand people in the Far East seem, oddly, to share.