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Thursday, 25 August 2016

A fashionable bank: a rant.

What do you want from your bank? A safe place to stash your cash? A reasonable return on your money? A convenient way of dealing with invoices?

I recently got a letter from a large respectable bank (it was founded in 1765 and since the 2008 crash has been partly owned by the British people). The headings on this letter were as follows:

i'd like to save on what i owe and on what i buy

how can i save on what i owe?

and how can i save on what i buy?

what else do i need to know?

do i get anything else?

Do you see what they've done, there? They've noticed that a lower-case letter i is associated with glamorous modern devices as made by Apple, and so they've used it to try to sprinkle some fairy dust over their bank.

Ah, but did fairy dust appear on the list, above, of what people want from a bank?

No. And that's one reason why there's no way I'm going anywhere near them.

Mind you, another is the sheer illiteracy of it.


Word To Use Today: I. In Old English this word was ic. It must have sounded as if everyone had hiccups.

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