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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday Rest: gulosity. Word Not To Use Today.

Here's one of those old-fashioned words that surely not even a Regius Professor of Pomposity could bring himself to utter.


(Just to make it even worse you say it GYOOlossity.)

It means greed or gluttony.

Now, obviously gluttony in particular is a greatly satisfying word of enormous clattering charm and anyone in their right mind will much prefer it. 

Billy Bunter Chapman Portrait.jpg
Frank Richard's Billy Bunter, illustrated by C. H. Chapman

I suppose that there's something swollen and indigestible about the word gulosity that does echo its meaning.

It certainly echoes the state of the ego of any user, anyway.

Word Not To Use Today: gulosity. This word comes from the Latin gulōsitās, from gula, which means gullet.

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