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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Sunday Rest: chrysanthemum. Word Not To Use Today Except That Unfortunately I Don't Know Of Any Alternative, Rats.

The smell of church is for me the smell of chrysanthemums: of reliable, long-lasting blooms available all year for a reasonable price.

Some of them are absolutely magnificent, fit for an empress (or even a god): 

File:Sketch of Chrysanthemums by Bakusen Tsuchida, detail, c. 1933, pencil and color on paper - National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo - DSC06719.JPG
Sketch of chrysanthemums by  Bakusen Tsuchida

 and some are full of a simpler lightness and joy:

File:Chrysanthemum frutescens 0.7 R.jpg
photo by Rob Hille

But their name. Chrysanthemum...

Could anything sound stuffier, or more staid?

Cruelty to flowers, I call it.

Word Not To Use Today (except that unfortunately I don't know of any alternative, rats) chrysanthemum. This word is the Latin for marigold, from the Greek khrusanthemon, from khrusos, gold, plus anthemon, flower.

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