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Friday, 12 August 2016

Word To Use Today: digamy.

Well, digamy must be like bigamy, mustn't it, only with...dogs? Or with your two wives or husbands living further apart...or perhaps it's when you have a husband and a wife.

Well, we probably need a word for that, don't we. Or we will soon, anyway.

Actually, there's nothing wrong with our logic or our etymology, because digamy does indeed involve a second marriage. 

Rather sadly, in the case of digamy it's one contracted after the end of a first marriage through death or divorce.

Never mind. I still feel quite thrilled to know that several of my friends are digamists living digamously

It really makes them seem rather sophisticated.

File:Jang Bahadur and second wife, 1860s.jpg
Maharajah Sir Ranadip Singh Rana Bahadur and his second wife, 1860s.

Word To Use Today: digamy. This word comes from the Latin digamia, from the Greek dis, which means twice, and gamos, marriage.

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