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Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Thing To Do Today: pulsate.

Pulsating is more of less the same as throbbing, only glamorous.

Your heart can throb with fear, but if it's pulsating with fear then it means you're going to take action. You'll burst out of that cupboard, scream Geronimo! and attack the intruder with a balletic grace reminiscent of Burt Kwouk. Or a hungry ferret.

If it's music that's pulsating then you're somewhere so exciting it doesn't matter that the last train has long gone and that the whole place smells of industrial-strength deodorant. 

If it's throbbing then all the pulsating stuff is happening next door.

If your head is pulsating then you're about to have a vision of the Universe: if it's throbbing then last night you spent too much time in a place that smelled of industrial-strength deodorant.

Ah, you will say, but what about old people? Isn't all this pulsating lark a bit dangerous for them? You shouldn't be encouraging them to pulsate all over the place. They might do themselves a mischief.

Luckily, however, Nature has taken care of this. For an old person - one, say, over about twenty five - then simply landing on a Triple Word Score at Scrabble: 

File:Blank Scrabble board with coordinates.svg
image of a Scrabble Board by Denelson83

or turning the heel on a sock will provide quite as much cardio-vascular exercise as is needed for them pulsate very nicely indeed.

Thing To Do Today: pulsate. This word comes from the Latin pulsāre, to push.

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