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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Nuts and Bolts: fascicule.

I'm afraid that fascicule is a completely useless word because a) very nearly no one will understand it, and b) there's another word that means the same thing that everyone will understand. 

Not only that, but using the word fascicule will make you look like a braggart and an idiot, and, given that it's such a horrid word, a person with no taste. as well.

Still, I present this word as a public service so you can spot a braggart and an idiot with no taste when you hear one...

,,,,and snigger to yourself.

Word To Snigger About Today: fascicule. A fascicule is one part of a printed work that's published in instalments. 

It's probably not quite so bad to use this word if you are actually a printer. 

The word comes from French, from the Latin fascis, which means bundle. 

You can call them fascicles or fasciculi, too. But that's even worse.

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