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Saturday, 6 August 2016

Saturday Rave: Wikipedia.

It's Jimmy Wales' fiftieth birthday today.

Jimmy Wales September 2015.jpg

Jimmy Wales is the founder (with Larry Singer and others) of Wikipedia.

This means that today it's not what someone has said or written that I'm raving about, but the fact that someone has found a way of getting expert opinion and reliable knowledge to...well, more or less everyone. For free. (The first words ever written on Wikipedia, by Wales himself, were Hello world!).

There are, at the moment, over forty million articles in two hundred and ninety two languages on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia's influence runs through most of the world: and this blog, for one thing, couldn't exist without it.

Happy birthday!

Word To Use Today: Wikipedia. This word wiki is Hawaiian for quick. The pedia bit comes from the Greek paideia, education, from pais, child.

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