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Thursday, 5 March 2020

Meet and Greet: a rant.

My computer was being annoying the other day. It wouldn't load web pages. Well, after switching the thing off and then on again a few times I noticed there was a tiny orange circle nestling inside a blue question mark sign on the strip along the bottom of the screen.

So I clicked on it.

I was faced by a message which said 

Meet Your Personal Vault


I have a personal vault waiting for me somewhere?


And I'd always thought I'd be cremated...

Word To Use Today: vault. Vaults can be used for precious things, as well as dead bodies, but personally a shoe box would have more than enough room for all my own valuables.

Interestingly, the word for the room and the word meaning to leap (as in vaulting horse) are connected. The idea common to both is that of turning, the room having a roof which is arched, and the leap requiring a similar line through the air. 

The Latin word volvere means to turn.

...and anyway, if I did have a personal vault, why on earth would I want to meet it???

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