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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Sunday Rest: park. Word Not To Use Today.

Crazy times, these, when even a walk in the park isn't a walk in the park!

Still, park is an odd word, now I come to think about it. It has rather an aggressive sound, like the noise a goose might make if one of its flock did something disgusting on top of a particularly juicy clump of grass he was looking forward to nibbling after his afternoon nap.

File:Angry Goose (2622447410).jpg
photo by Mike Haller

On the other hand, like the times, I may just be going crazy.

Ah well.

Word Not To Use Today: park. This word comes from French, where it is parc, from the Latin parricus, enclosure. The word's relatives (fifth cousin and half-mother-in-law, respectively) include the words paddock and pen (as in animals).


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