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Sunday, 8 March 2020

Sunday Rest: kakorrhaphiophobia. Word Not To Say Today.

Well, all right, you can use the word kakorrhaphiophobia if you can spell it or say it, but no one will know what you're going on about.

Mind you, if you suffer from kakorrhaphiophobia then you won't be doing either in case you can't, because kakorrhaphiophobia means an irrational fear of failure.

Yes, kakorrhaphiophobia is rather a wicked word.

And you know, if it wasn't such a monstrosity I think it would come in rather useful.

Sunday Rest: kakorrhaphiophobia. This word comes from the Greek kakos, bad, -rhaptō, I sew, and phobos fear. The sewing bit has the idea of putting together an evil scheme.

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