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Tuesday, 10 March 2020

Thing To Be Today: rosy.

To be rosy is to be pink with health.

This is impossible for some of us (the health, as well as the pinkness) but luckily there are other ways of being rosy.

We can have a rosy outlook, where we view the future with hope and confidence; and if our slumbers are rosy they will be filled with happiness, peace, and joy.

To be rosy is also, of course, to be covered in roses.

It seems rather unlikely that a rose tree could grow over someone unnoticed, even if he or she had a substantial computer-gaming habits, but there are shirts or dresses that will do the trick.

Robe à l'anglaise, 1770 - 1790

Best of all these kinds of rosiness, of course, is the blessing of health. The Word Den welcomes visitors from all over the world (lots of you from Turkmenistan at the moment: welcome!) but our thoughts must be especially with those of us in China, Japan, South Korea, Iran, and Italy.

Here's to a hope for a rosy future.

Thing To Be Today: rosy. The word rose has been pretty-much  unchanged more or less for ever. The Greek form was rhodon (which you can still see in the word rhododendron, which means rose tree (though of course it isn't).

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