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Monday, 9 March 2020

Spot The Frippet: sand.

Have you got a desert handy? Or, if not, a sandpit

photo by Hyena

Or perhaps there's a supplier of building materials near you:

File:Ultimate Sand Castle.jpg
photo: Jon

You must have a piece of sandpaper somewhere, surely.

Or an egg timer or an hour glass:

File:Hourglass in red leather covered case, second of two views. Wellcome L0011338.jpg
photo by Wellcome Images

(which photograph reminds us that sand isn't always, well, sand-coloured).

If you can't find any of these, how about the sand the sandman brings, that is the little grains of solidified gunk that need to be rubbed out of the eyes in the mornings?

If you can't see any of these then you can at least hear it, because sometimes sand sings:

Though to call that singing is really going a bit far, I think.

Spot the Frippet: sand. This word has remained unchanged in English for over a thousand years. It goes back to the Greek word hamathos.

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