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Thursday 18 February 2021

First reversion: a rant.

 I've received this email from a solicitor (a solicitor is a variety of British lawyer).

Dear Sally,


Thank you for your email.


Please see attached herewith the amended bill.


I will revert to you in regard to settlement of the bill.


 Kind Regards

Well! Apart from the unnecessary and pompous use of the word herewith, what in the name of all that's holy does I will revert to you in regard to settlement of the bill mean? 

Just contemplating it as a sentence makes my head hurt.

As a matter of fact Google has come to the rescue. It means I shall write again with more information about the payment of this bill.

I wouldn't mind, so much, but I am paying hundreds of pounds an hour for this illiterate drivel.


Word To Use Today: revert. I now see that this phrase is standard American, but it means absolutely nothing in British English. The word revert in Britain means return. The word comes from the Latin word revertere, to return. Vertere means turn.

I'm still really annoyed.

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