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Monday 22 February 2021

Spot the Frippet: a moiety.

 Moiety is an old-fashioned kind of a word.

It can mean a half, especially a half of something that comes in two pieces.

So what comes in moieties?

Lentils, I suppose:

photo by Mx. Granger

Actually a moiety doesn't have to be one of two equal parts, and in fact it's more often the smaller of two portions.

So you could have the moiety of a cake:

The ownership of an estate is quite often divided so there's a moiety, too.

I suggest you watch the helpings at meal times today. 

It's really just a question of being fair. 

Well, or slim, I suppose. 

Spot the Frippet: moiety. This word comes from the French moitié, from the Latin mediētās, middle.

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