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Thursday 25 February 2021

The size of a battery: a rant.

 I've been wondering about putting up some solar panels.

You can install a system nowadays which includes a battery to provide electricity when the sun isn't shining (this is, after all,  Britain). This battery would typically go in the loft. 

But would it go in the loft, that's the thing? Our loft is no more than four feet high at its highest point, and it slopes steeply down from there. 

So how big is this battery?

Scroll down...scroll down...

Ah. Here we are.

The battery is the size of a fridge.


...but - but - but - but how big is a fridge, for heaven's sake?

If they'd said as big as a standard domestic washing machine then that would have conveyed some useful information.

Or, here's an original thought: how about using some generally understood system of comparison. Like, I don't know, centimetres?


Wird To Use Today: fridge. (They're very nearly always called fridges in Britain, not refrigerators). The Latin word refrīgerāre means to make cold. Frīgus means cold.

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