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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Thing To Be Today: bullish.

 I don't see so many bulls around, nowadays, but I'm always thrilled when I do. They're so completely magnificent and awe-inspiring, so full of power and pride and potential for attack.

photo of a Charolais bull by akial

What bulls aren't, though, oddly, is bullish. Well, they are if by bullish you mean like a bull, but bullish usually means energetically optimistic. 

Bulls seldom really look cheerful.

So I'm not exactly sure why there's an association between bulls and bullishness, but I suppose it's because bulls are pretty-much unstoppable. 

A bull market is one where the value of shares is going up.

Bull in the City of London. Photo by Alankitassigments

(A downwards-trending market is a bear market.)

Anyway, how can we summon up a bit of bullish spirit? For myself, I shall order some plants for the garden and start writing a new book. You might start a business, or buy a new dress, or book a holiday.

To be bullish must always be an act of faith, and seldom more so than at the moment.

But, after all, what's to lose?


Thing to Be Today: bullish. the Old English form of bull was bula.

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