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Thursday, 6 January 2022

Gatherings: a rant.

 I myself lost lost track of the Covid regulations somewhere between numbers 221 and 223.

Can I drink at a bar as long as I sit down? Is it really illegal to go to work? Don't ask me! 

In England we have a slightly limp scandal brewing about government officials breaking the Covid rules on parties.  People are seriously asking whether a quiz via Zoom counts as a party if someone involved is wearing a Father Christmas hat. 

As no one knows the answer to this desperately stupid question (you can't catch anything via Zoom!) the trend is for everyone to have, not parties, but gatherings, instead.

Gathering...a word to describe a boil, a piece of cloth pulled tightly into wrinkles, or possibly a meeting of some dystopian religious society.

Well, no one's going to suspect anyone of indulging in one of those unless strictly necessary, are they?

But what a pity Covid only ever infects people who are trying to have fun.

Word To Use Today: gathering. The Old English form of this word was gadrian.

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