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Monday, 3 January 2022

Spot the Frippet: something figuline.

 If you have had a drink today, especially a hot one, then you've probably already seen something figuline

photo by Laurel F

The same if you've been to the loo, or had a wash.

photo by Anonimous

If you've looked out of the windows at the houses then you probably have, too (though not definitely).

photo of Welshpool by Dace Croker

So - can you guess what figuline means?

We live in a figuline world, though we don't often notice it, for figuline means of, or looking like, clay. The word covers any article made of clay, too.

Not only does that include the mug that contains my tea, but the walls and roof of my house.

It's wonderful to think that you can use the same stuff to make a house and a teapot.

teapot by John Bartlam, 1760s

The stuff is all over the soles of my boots, too, which isn't quite so wonderful - except that lots of the food I eat is grown in figuline soil. The valleys here are deep in it.

Magic, isn't it? Magic, all round.

Spot the Frippet: something figuline, This word comes from the Latin word figulus, a potter, from fingere, to mould.

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