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Monday, 2 March 2015

Spot the Frippet: nozzle.

Some words are just intrinsically funny. 

Like nozzle.

This is a rocket nozzle, which is somehow even funnier.

So, where will you see your first nozzle today? At a petrol station? In an ice cream van? A coffee shop?

Will you be icing a cake, or greasing a wheel, or relaxing in a jacuzzi?

Putting out a fire, spraying your hair, vacuuming a carpet?

Dusting a candlestick (yes, a candlestick: the bit you put the candle in is called the nozzle)?

Or will you be staring blearily in the mirror at your own great big nozzle?

You know something? I think today might be enjoy-a-nozzle day. 

Cast your own personal vote for top nozzle!

Spot the Frippet: nozzle. This word is a diminutive of nose.

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