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Friday, 6 March 2015

Word To Use Today: dandiprat.

How cheering can a word be?

As cheering as dandiprat, that's how cheering.

Dandiprat's oldest meaning is a small English silver coin of the early 1500s (accounts of its worth vary, but some put it, endearingly, at a penny ha'penny). 

I admit this meaning of dandiprat is unlikely to be of great use. I doubt that another meaning, the handle of a curry comb, gets out much, either. 

Luckily for us dandiprat also means a small boy or an insignificant person - and, obviously, we're always needing vivid and satisfying words for those:

'Take no notice of him, love, he's just a dandiprat.'

There were dandiprats swarming all over the climbing frame, happily shrieking and trying to kick each other.

'£1, for that? Come off it, it's not worth a dandiprat.'

See? Constantly useful.

And much, much too much fun not to use.

Word To Use Today: dandiprat. No one knows where this word came from, but some of the meanings are probably connected to the word dandy. And, indeed, prat. Samuel Johnson suggests the word might have something to do with dandin, with means a ninny. 

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