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Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday Rest: Hypogastrium. Word Not To Use Today.

You wouldn't want a hypogastrium, would you.

I mean, it must be really painful

We know this because hypo means less, or lower, or that sort of thing, and gastrium is to do with the stomach. So a hypogastrium is probably some nasty condition that causes constipation, or colic, or something like that, although on the whole I'd prefer not to think about it.

But now - brace yourselves - now for the terrible truth.

You have a hypogastrium. It's the bit of your abdomen below your belly-button.

We usually refer to this region of ourselves as...

...well, with a pointed finger, because there's no commonly-understood word to describe it as far as I know. 

Now, this plainly isn't right because I, for one, loathe having a hypogastriuim. We're in huge need of a nicer word to describe it.

What it should be, I don't know. 

An underbutton? 

Well, it's better than a hypogastrium.

Isn't it?

Sunday Rest: hypogastrium. This word comes from the Greek hupo, which means under, and gastrion, which means little stomach.

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