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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Thing To Do Today: go on a spree.

Prudence is fine. Prudence is sensible, wise and dignified...

...but just sometimes you need to go on a spree.

File:Next - Oxford Street 1.jpg
Photo of Oxford Street by Edward 

You can have your spree in a Pound Shop if your finances are fragile. No, really, you can: if there's nothing you want yourself then buy some stuff anyway and give it away to people you...

...well, don't actually like.

If that doesn't appeal then indulge yourself. Buy a cake as well as a sandwich at lunch time. Two cakes!

Buy that pair of trousers. You know you'll regret it for the rest of your...week...if you don't.

Fill your house with flowers. 

I mean, have you really got enough lawnmowers? 





You have?


Oh well. Enjoy yourselves, anyway.

Thing To Do Today: go on a spree. This word might comes from the Scottish word spreath, which means plundered cattle, and before that from the Latin praeda, which means booty.

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