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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Nuts and Bolts: The cost of a name.

The Swiss company Erfolgswelle is a name consultancy. Its experts will make up a list of the best possible names for your child - at a cost, apparently, of £22,000.

File:Baby Boy Oliver.jpg
This lovely baby is called Oliver. Photo by Voiceboks

Here's how to do it for free.

1. Search on-line for a list of the most popular names for new-born children for the last year in your area.

2. Ignore all names of the wrong sex (please do not call your boy Sue).

3. Ignore the first twenty or so names, as well. They are likely to date your child.

4. From the remainder, make a list of names that have been used by famous historical or literary figures (but not if it's a baddie - no Caligula nor Messalina).

5. Cross out the ones you don't like.

6. Cross out the ones that sound silly with your surname (Rod Todd, Rose Bush etc).

7. If you are under pressure from relatives to name the child after them, and you don't want to, then I suggest you do what I did and tell the relations you're thinking of calling the child something extremely surprising. In my case I told both grandfathers the boy was going to be called Mungo.

You don't actually have to do it. I didn't. 

I called the baby Helena, instead.

Word To Consider Today: Hilda. I've chosen this name because it's one more thing to bear in mind when thinking about a name for your child. It means battle.

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