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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Sunday Rest: cryptaesthesia. Word Not To Use Today.

Cryptaesthesia. Or, if you're American, cryptesthesia.

Cryptaesthesia is just the same as extrasensory perception, and so why people need to use a long, scientific-looking, and hard-to-spell word like cryptaesthesia to describe it I don't know.

Unless it's that the cryptaesthesiasts* feel the need of every trick in the box to make themselves come over as sane and honest, natch.

File:The Canterville Ghost illustration.jpg

Sunday Rest: cryptaesthesia. This word comes from the Greek word kruptos, hidden, from kruptein, to hide, plus the other Greek word anaisthēsia, an absence of sensation, from aisthēsis, feeling.

*This word doesn't show up anywhere on Google so I may have coined it. Cool.

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