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Thursday, 23 June 2016

Referendum words: a rant.

Today is Referendum Day in Britain.

Do the British people wish to remain in the European Union?

Do the British people wish to leave the European Union?

By tomorrow we'll have found out.

The campaign has been fought with words and words and words - and what good have they done? Has some piece of skilful rhetoric, some blazing speech, the delivery of some killer fact, made Clear the Way?

Nope. There's been plenty of sound and fury (Nazi! Liar! Racist! Crony! Expert!) including, rather hilariously, predictions of there never being another London Olympics, World War III breaking out, and even the end of Western Civilisation. 

But what has been the effect?

There have been so many inflammatory and contradictory words about an essentially unpredictable future that we've got to the point where hardly anyone believes anything. 

All those words: squandered, thrown around, devalued.

And now inflation has caught up with them, and they're as good as worthless.

What a colossal waste it's all been, to be sure.

Word To Use Today. Any you like, but please, whatever they are, use them with respect and care.

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