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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Vibrantly subtle: a rant.

I do enjoy a good catalogue, but the best catalogues are the bad ones.

How much? I yodel, outraged, at an offer of a simple cotton T-shirt for £150. 

But that dress even makes the model look fat! I yelp.

A solar-powered garden gnome...? 

Ooh, the joys of despising someone else's taste.

Anyway, the other day I was lucky enough to receive a brilliant catalogue from It featured headlines which included:

At last, a functional shirt made of cotton

(as if all other cotton shirts have fallen to pieces at the first wearing)

Why is the whole world looking for the T-shirt from Austria?

(simply deranged)


For the chic barefoot look 

(that one was advertising a pair of socks)

The catalogue kept me amused for ages, but the bit that really charmed the socks off me (for that chic barefoot look) was entitled This fashionable knitted waistcoat is truly unique (no, sorry, a knitted waistcoat is NOT fashionable - and if it's unique then it can't be fashionable). 

It was the opening sentence that gave me the most pleasure, though.

This knitted waistcoat is a lot more interesting than the usual plain ones due to the vibrant mottled look in subtle shades of grey.

Vibrant. Subtle. Grey. Mottled.

You know, I think they must have been taking words at random from a jar.


...can this be where I've been going wrong all along?

Word To Use Today: vibrant. As far as colour goes, this means strong and vivid. It comes, not altogether surprisingly, from the Latin word vibrāre, to agitate.

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