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Monday, 6 June 2016

Spot The Frippet: muntin.

Why is muntin such a nice word? 

Is it because it sounds like munchkin(Though perhaps that's begging the question, because presumably munchkin was chosen to describe something sweet and lovable because it was a sweet and lovable word.)

Illustration by W W Denslow.

Anyway, the thing is, wouldn't you like to see a muntin? Wouldn't your day be happier, safer, jollier? Wouldn't the grass be greener and the paving stones a slightly crazier shade of grey?

Well, now you can.

You can see muntins here:

File:King and Queen, 14–16 Marlborough Place, Brighton (Decorative Windows).jpg
photo of a Brighton pub by The Voice of Hassocks

and here:

 and here:

The muntins are the metal or wooden strips which hold the panes of glass together - eg the diamond metal pieces in the picture above.

There are no muntins in my modern house, sadly, but today I shall go out in search some out.

And it'll make me feel just slightly as if I'm on the Yellow Brick Road.

Spot the Frippet: muntin. This word comes from the Old French mountant, from monter to mount.

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