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Saturday, 11 June 2016

Saturday Rave: Love plays his lute behind the screen by Fakhruddin Iraqi.

Fakhruddin Iraqi was born on this day in 1213. Yes, I'm afraid we should have celebrated him in 2013, but, hey, what's a few years out of eight hundred?

Fakhrudden was a devout Muslim scholar and poet who believed that the world held a mirror to God, and that therefore everything in the world must consist of love.

(The Iraqi in his name doesn't refer to the place we call Iraq today, by the way, but I think Fakhruddin Iraqi, pursued by religious discord, would have appreciated the extra layer of meaning this word gives his poems.)

Love plays its lute behind a screen, translated by William Chittick and Peter Lamborn Wilson.

Love plays its lute behind a screen -
where is a lover to listen to its tune?

With every breath a new song,
each split second a new strong plucked.

The world has spilled Love's secret -
when could music ever hold its tongue?

Every atom babbles the mystery -
Listen yourself, for I'm no tattletale!

Word To Use Today: screen. This word comes from the Old French escren and is related to the German Schrank, which means cupboard.

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