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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Thing To Be Today: lapidary.

Lapidary? That must be to do with stones, mustn't it?

Yes, that's right. 

You want me to turn myself to stone?

No, of course I don't want you to...

....oh blow it! Hang on:


This blog does not encourage exposure to sunlight, 
or any other activity which may lead to irreversible petrification. 

(Well, this blog doesn't encourage exposure to sunlight if you're a fantasy-type troll, anyway, 
though if you're an on-line sort of a troll then 
it'd probably do you 
a lot of good.)

Flipping Health & Safety! Now, where was I? 

Ah yes, lapidary.

A lapidary is someone who cuts, or works with, gemstones. It can also describe a gemstone itself.

So how can a person be lapidary?

A thing is lapidary when it's carved on stone...

...oh, blast it!

This blog does not encourage the carving of stones unless the appropriate safety equipment is worn

A thing is also lapidary when it is of such high quality that it deserves to be carved on stone.

And, you know something? Today I'm going to try to write something as good as that.

Thing To Make Today: lapidary. This word comes from the Latin lapis, which means stone.

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