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Monday 20 June 2022

Spot the Frippet: quarry.

 There are three kinds of quarry that are possible to spot.

There's the kind where people dig out rock:

quarry, Adelaide. Photo by Peripitus

the kind that's a hunted animal (which might be human):

and the kind that's a diamond or square shape:

photo by Storye book

This is the shape of a quarry tile.

There is just a possibility of seeing a quarry through a quarry in a quarry. But even if you did it would still sound ridiculous.

Good hunting!

Word To Use Today: quarry. The digging place word is probably something to do with the Old French word quarre meaning a square-shaped stone, from the Latin quadrāre, to make square. The being-square word is related, and comes from the Old French quarrel, pane, from quadrellus, a diminutive of quadrus, which means square. As for the hunted-animal word, the old French quirre describe animal innards which were offered to the hounds on the animal's hide, from the Old French cuir, hide, from the Latin corium, leather. The history of this word was probably influenced by the Old French coree, entrails, from the Latin cor, which means heart. 

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