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Tuesday 28 June 2022

Thing To Do Today: regale someone.

 It is possible to regale someone with heaps of food and drink, but usually you regale people by telling them a story.

It has to be a happy, comic, or at least a surprising, story, because to regale someone means to delight and amuse them.

(WARNING: the word comic is sometimes used where the words cruel, twisted, or merely self-satisfied would be more appropriate. Luckily, that mistake is most often seen via the media rather than in real life. We ourselves know how to tell a story because we get real-time feed-back.

I mean, none of us are bores, are we? Still, if you're in doubt, make it a story where you yourself are the butt of the joke, and make it no longer then, ooh, five sentences.

You'll be giving pleasure to everyone.)

Thing To Do Today: regale someone. This word comes from the French régaler, from gale, which means pleasure. It's also related to the Middle Dutch word waler, which means riches. 

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