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Tuesday 14 June 2022

Thing To Do Today: sew something.

 The Word Den came across a new word the other day: sewist, meaning someone who sews

New words are fragile things, but The Word Den hopes that the word sewist gets taken up by the whole world. 

It's always such a pity when such people are described as sewers.

What to sew? Perhaps something glorious:

By Natasha2006 - Own work, Public Domain,

or perhaps something merely useful:

It doesn't even have to be fabric that you sew:

surgical stitches. Image: Olek Remesz

There's bound to be some small sewing job that needs doing somewhere: a hem that's come down, or a button that's come off. 

Think how much greener it is to mend a garment than to throw it away.

And just think how much fun it'll be to go through your button pot looking for a button that very nearly matches.

And then use one that really doesn't.

Thing To Do Today: sew. This word was sēowan in Old English and goes right back to the Sanskrit sīvjati, which means he sews.

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